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From: Dirk Wagner

RE: Breakthrough Money Making Website Idea - Word Cloud Pages

Dear Friend and Future Big Profits Web Site Creator:

You will be amazed!...That's my guarantee!

Do you know the situation that you read everywhere about new marketing tips and techniques to earn much money in fastest time, you gave it a try with little or small success?

What if I would show you a tool in the next 5 minutes which changes this situation for you and helps creating 4 or 5 figure income in 24 hours?

The Idea Behind This Software!

I analyzed the income opportunities of the last years and thought about which ones could be done that simple everybody would be able to with more or less knowledge.

The last two years Google Adsense ruled the net for easy passive income but that opportunity is still not as simple as most marketers promise.

I was very impressed from a guy who launched the "million dollar homepage" where advertisers were able to buy pixels (webspace) at his homepage and those pixels / images linked back to the advertiser's websites for more traffic. He was able to sell all space at his homepage and made ONE MILLION DOLLAR with that project.

The second opportunity which impressed me was the promotion of a few marketers who offered backlinks from their high traffic websites for a monthly fee. Some marketers were able to earn 4-figure residual income by doing that. There are also services where webmasters rent backlinks for tens or even hundreds of dollars per month.

How To Beat Even That Success!

I found out that there is much money to earn in the advertising industry and people pay much money to increase traffic to their website. Now I needed a solution to combine the power of the million dollar homepage and offering backlinks.

My outcoming result is the most powerful solution to earn thousands of dollars in shortest time. There is no other business opportunity or tool which shows similar impressive results.

Text Link Goldmine Was Born!!

The idea behind Text Link Goldmine is to sell webspace as the Million Dollar Homepage has done last year but with text links which contain the advertiser's important anchor texts which help to rank websites higher in search engines. To attract the website more for visitors adding images should be available too.

Take a look at the screenshot below for one of my example websites, created with Text Link Goldmine.

Remember this is only one example how you can use that script to monetize it. Imagine running several niche websites and now create one TLG website for each niche like , , , etc...

People will love to add a link at your word site for a backlink to their website. Even our soon launching service will make it easier for you to get enough traffic to your word sites and increase your Google PR resulting in many new word orders = $$ PROFIT $$

Now let me show you the list of features Text Link Goldmine provides to earn much money in shortest time. There is no other script available with all features Text Link Goldmine provides. Period!

List of unique features:

1.) Let your visitor decide if he/she wants to claim only one word or a keyword phrase like "work at home" and decide youself how much he/she has to pay for each additional word. You can limit the amount of words or set it to unlimited in admin area.
 2.)  Manual or auto approval or even auto approval only for listed keywords possible
 3.)  Setup of 16 different prices for font size, color and style, also mouse over text, mouse over image (see the example below), unclaimed and suggested keywords. (Soon we also add a feature that admin can choose an increase of the price for each x pixel).

 4.)  Customization of: header/footer, tell-a-friend, customer emails and welcome message inside admin area. Customize the page header/footer template to match your website.
 5.)  Mailing system in admin area to contact one, a few or even all customers at once.
 6.)  Detailed statistics and order lists.
 7.) Payment processors: Paypal and Egold (2Checkout as plug-in)
 8.) Choose between 20 currencies for your new word cloud pages
 9.) Install Text Link Goldmine in several folders at the same domain and use only one database
 10.) Offer your subscribers or JV partners a free keyword listing without being redirected to any payment processor.Good idea to reward your customers for anything they have done for you i.e. joined a membership site, ordered a high ticket product using your link etc.

And these are only the most important features. We are still in the process of adding more and more professional features to help you earn even more. Small changes and additional features are free for current customers but bigger changes or new modules will cost a small fee. Secure this low launch price before we increase it when more features are added.

"Definitely better than anything similar that I've seen"

Hi Dirk,

I love this script! It is definitely better than anything similar that I've seen, and I am blessed to have it.

May you be richly blessed as well for making it available.

Janie Squier

table footer

Below you can see some screenshots of the easy to use admin area of Text Link Goldmine. You also can use the link to the admin demo at the top of this website. I have disabled most buttons but a live demo should show all features better than any screenshot.

This is the login screen but even without login you can see all sections of the admin area. The admin area was built as easy as possible that you won't lose time for studying a system which should only help you to earn money very fast.

Check the screenshot above and find out how many possibilities Text Link Goldmine provides to choose a price for that your visitors have enough choices to make their link unique on your website.

"Okay, okay, I want TLG - how much is it?"

When we were putting all these professional features together, one of our primary goals was to provide such high-quality and high-value that it would be simply irresistible and attract serious internet entrepreneurs to this script.

But it is not comparable to a few other similar scripts, ranged between $67 to $897 that I wasn't quite sure how to price it.

So let me ask you, when you take a minute to add everything up, what would you say a big profit website creation tool with all those listed unique features would be worth to someone like yourself who is serious about investing in your own success?

What do you think would be a fair price to ask for everything that I've added into this feature packed script?

Should I charge $497?

Or should it be higher or lower?

The truth is I have compared our script with the other available solutions and I found out that there are others who offer a similar script with less features for $897. Fact is that NO other script provides as many money making features as Text Link Goldmine does.

Here's what I decided to do after talking about it in all the details:

In our pre-launch phase you can claim a copy of this revolutionary script for unlimited domains for only $167.

For everybody who is in a lower budget we decided to offer a second option that you can give this script a try with 10 licences for only $140 and when you find out that each of your new money making domains work as I said you can come back and order additional licences for a small fee.

We are working on a brand new service to help our customers to get the needed traffic to your new money making websites because without traffic or an increasing Google PR it will be hard for you to find people who pay for getting their words listed on your website.

Current customers will get free access to this service when it launches but others will have to pay hundreds of dollars per year to use our traffic on auto-pilot service.

So, are you ready to order? Wait one second....

For a limited time I have added the following bonus to this script. I cannot promise how long this bonus will stay on this page. Maybe next time you come to this website the bonus is already taken away and you will have to pay the full price for this bonus.

Limited Time Bonus: Fortune with 500 + Master Resale Rights
($37 Value)

You will explode your earnings online if you seize opportunities that are _____ ___ ____ and can be applied ___ _____. (Lesson 1)

You can sell more online in an instant. All you have to do is ______ ___ _______. (Lesson 2)

You can make more sales when you realise that the most powerful buying triggers are ________ and ________ . (Lesson 3)

You will make more money online in the easiest way possible by ________ _________. (Lesson 4)

You'll discover that you can extract more sales from every email you send because the 'money is NOT in the list' - it is in ____ ___ ___ ____ the list.
(Lesson 5)

You will sell more of everything if ______ ____ ___. (Lesson 6)

WAIT...We have to mention one more thing..

Claim a copy of Text Link Goldmine and test it for the next 30 days.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the easy to install and use interface and won't see any success in shortest time just let me know and I will be more than happy to give you immediately a refund.

I am sure you never need this guarantee and you will be glad that you have found my in-expensive but feature packed text link script.

Click One Of The Order Buttons To Choose One Of The Available Options
Option 1: $167 - unlimited licences
Option 2: $140 - 10 licences

YES, Dirk I want the king of word cloud pages software
      right now!

I understand that I will get updates with the very best features automatically and most of the time they are free!

I understand that I'm getting exceptional value for my investment

All Transactions Processed Via PayPal/Moneybookers Or 2Checkout

(all major credit cards and online checks accepted
through our secure ordering system) Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by Dirk Wagner.

I am excited to bring this powerful script to you, and know you'll be delighted with your purchase today.


Dirk Wagner, CEO

P.S. If you've ever looked for a fast solution to earn much money there is nothing better than setting up new word link sites, send an email to your list or promote it through forums and you will see much traffic on your bank account coming soon.

P.P.S. Don't forget that Text Link Goldmine is the only script which provides soon a solution to drive enough traffic to your new created word link sites. You can order any of the other available scripts but then you will have to pay a monthly fee for that service we will provide.

P.P.P.S. When you are still not sure about the possible income generated by this script, visit again the example website and read about the unique features, each of them added to give your visitors more choices to pay for a little space on your website.

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